You came into life as a friend, that we have forgotten this age, don't you ever miss us, But we forgot to forget you..?

Life goes on momentarily, The light also keeps on getting every moment, The smell of love keeps on getting But true friendship is rarely found.

A talisman that we need a deep friendship, Haven't even seen what is visible...?

If you go, stay for a while, do so from the heart, We'll come back, no matter where we've gone, You just keep friendship with us.. 

Your friendship is our musical instrument, we are proud to know a friend like you, whatever happens in life, the friendship remains as it is..

You were a stranger to us, Nice to meet you as a friend Your friendship is deeper than the ocean, I knew how to swim, but I loved to drown.

Shut up so that there is no letter, Let us not be angry With great difficulty someone has become one's own, Do not part before meeting.

better friends than good times, Keep Aziz because there is a good one, friend makes bad times good..