Wake up and see this morning's view the wind is cold and the weather is also lovely The moon has gone to sleep and every star is hidden Accept you good morning,

Don't live under anyone's pressure, Don't live under anyone's influence, Life is yours, dear friends, Live on your own terms... good morning have a nice day

Maybe we don't have a good day but something good in every day Sure it is a good morning.

You don't have to be great to start But to be great you have to start get up and cheer start this new day afresh Good morning!

Life is beautiful, everyone used to say, The day I saw you I was convinced

sometimes happy sometimes sad sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose it's the road of life will slowly pass

There is a lot of bridle in the chariot of life, There is a lot of blame on loved ones, When I see this round of complaints, I get tired Looks like age is short and exam is too much Good morning!

problems are not that strong as much as we take them for granted ever heard that the dark Didn't let the morning happen. Good Morning

morning flowers bloomed the birds flew on their journey As soon as the sun came, the stars also fell silent did you wake up from a sweet sleep GOOD MORNING!!

faith is power blown up even in the world light can be dispersed Good morning!