Dreams will come true when your hard work will come true,  when will life come,  in the soul,  every door of trouble will be raw..

Be firm on your decisions, Don't keep walking, keep an eye on the distance, you will surely get the destination You just stay on your spirits..

people who are successful they also dream but not while sleeping While working..

This era can't erase u The time is ours from us,  we are not from the time..

no pain no struggle so what's the fun in living big storms stop When there is a fire in the chest..

If there is any trouble in life don't worry because falling Those who rise are called jugglers.

Failure on the way to success, So don't worry Keep your spirits up Keep trying hard You will definitely get success..

Those who walk alone in the journey have the spirit of One day the convoy also belong to him. Let's go back..

Even courage is not less than a doctor,  in every problem,  gives medicine of strength.