Serena Williams 2022: exit US Open as one of the greatest ever

Whatever Serena is, the reason for her father's insistence is because her father wanted Serena to become a tennis player.

Serena has been on the 1st ranking 8 times between 2002 and 2007. Serena has won 23 singles, 14 doubles and two mixed doubles Grand Slams. 

Serena Williams wearing a catsuit caused a stir At Wimbledon 1998, Serena Williams withdrew from the tournament, 

Amidst all the ups and downs in her career, America's Serena Williams is the most successful and popular face of women's tennis. 

She is going to put a brake on her tennis career through the US Open. Serena made a comeback in June this year after being away from the court for a year. 

Tennis star Serena said, I have never liked the word retirement. It doesn't sound like a trendy term to me. I see it as a transition.

Serena has won a total of 39 Grand Slam titles (23 singles, 14 doubles, and 2 mixed doubles) in her tennis career spanning 27 years.

Serena Williams has studied till graduation. Serena Williams' father handed over a racket to her and her elder sister Venus Williams at the age of 3. 

Serena's father Richard Williams was a tennis coach by profession. That's why Richard wanted at least one of his children to make him a tennis player.