Journey is as far as you are As far as you are eyes, in the shoes of this spring I have seen thousands of flower The fragrance is the same as far as you are.

Unrequited love met you, This makes my heart happy to meet you, I found everything in the world, But happiness in life happened to meet you.

My heartbeat is with you The agony of my breath is with you, I myself do not know what is in me, I have everything from you..

All my happiness is yours, This breath hidden in your breath is yours, Can't live even two moments without you, Every sound of heartbeat is yours.

you have done me a favor Who gave his heart to my name, Lighted up my life, My house is filled with happiness..

have loved you more than myself, my life is incomplete without you Where I have spent all my life on you..

I bow down before you I love you my life, i love you so much..

How can that love pass in a moment, We will love you for life How can that fragrance pass in seven births? We will support you till the ages.. best love poetryin english for wife

Love doesn't mean agreement, just love to see Like this every day we meet love agreement Love is life doesn't happen again and again.

your importance something is like in my life life if you're not Looks dull..