People see the form, we see the heart, People dream, we see reality, People see friends in the world, we see the world in friends

better friends than good time keep cute because a good friend makes bad times good

Why do friends share all the sorrows of life? why do friends support in life The relationship is only with them in the heart. Still, why do we consider us our friends?

We are the ones who do not understand. We are the night that brings a new dawn People leave just by making relationships, We are with the one who never leaves.

A true friend is the one who never lets us fall, Never let it fall in the eyes of anyone, And never let anyone fall at your feet

Love each other by erasing the distance, Always maintain this relationship of friendship, may we ever leave you eyes always waiting for us

Smiling like a flower is life, Life is to forget sorrow by smiling, What if people are happy together? Life without a meeting is also life

What happened by keeping a letter in the name of a friend in the pocket? Nearby people ask what is the name of the perfume

Whenever the old pages of friendship turn remember doing So you are my childhood friend miss the story

Time will pass just like living together, Who will remember who after being away, Live this moment as long as it is friends, Tomorrow know where the time will take

friendship all greater than the relationship test of true friendship It gets tough in time.

have me I am proud of your friendship Our friends will not be separated for life, I have more faith today than yesterday

Make an excuse for friendship. you rob me every day be with me in my bad time you promised to keep that promise when my bad times came then turned out to be false

Your friendship is our beginning, We are proud of you friend, sure whatever happens friendship It will remain the same as it is today...

before you forget I will forget myself you go to the crematorium friend I'll die before that.