“Those rivers were not my tear on which they sailed I wanted to get the destination so we shed tears..? “

Now I walk on my face with two stone I have sold my eyes with tears.”

“Someone hides in the fire I am lonely, save someone from suffering The lips of the eyelids are dry for a long time Just make someone cry for the rest of their lives today..”

“These stray tears flowing from my eye Is asking the reason for your infidelity from the eyelids..”

“When the words got tired, then the eyes spoke again, The eyes which also got tired, then there was talk with the tears.”

“The tongue of the lips is called tear Those who remain silent still flow and Look at the fate of these tear flows for those who live in these eyes..”

“I got a pain that has no medicine still happy i don't feel sorry for that And how many tears should I shed for him Which God did not write in my destiny..”

“tears in my eyes are telling me Now the pain is so much that I can't bear it Don't stop, let your eyelids spill out Now I can't stop in these eyes..”

“he became ax lives in my eye he's a weird person lives in water house..”

“only two tears come on the edge of the eyelid Otherwise, the ocean of eyes is too deep”