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Bird Box Barcelona: Doesn’t Have the Guts to Tell This Story 2023

Bird Box Barcelona
Bird Box Barcelona

Bird Box Barcelona: Doesn’t Have the Guts to Tell This Story 2023. The lead character Sebastian (played by Mario Casas) and his little daughter Anna (Alejandra Howard) are blinded as they make their way across a visually exploding cityscape in the opening scenes of Netflix’s latest suspenseful sequel, Bird Box Barcelona, and eventually come across a motley crew of survivors.

Bird Box Barcelona: Doesn’t Have the Guts to Tell This Story


The last of mankind is trapped in an abandoned, barricaded bus shelter, limited to makeshift havens where windows and doors must always be covered and the outside world is a mystery. Off and away from anything unfamiliar.

The group’s adventure of survival is then started when Sebastian seizes control of a bus filled with his newfound friends, bursts through the barriers, and leads them into the open.


We now get the impression that this new movie isn’t about hiding the unseen evil that torments lonely souls, but rather about pursuing a person who is walking around with their eyes covered in an attempt to get people to open their eyes. Accept death. I haven’t revealed anything significant, so don’t worry. This movie is based on the idea that there are crazy people who can put up with the externalities and have made it their goal to force other people to see, which was first established in the first Bird Box movie.

Bird Box Barcelona gives up on the game


It’s an intriguing premise, particularly in this prefabricated period where fear has become so numbing and hopelessness is so depressing. Unfortunately, Bird Box Barcelona gives up on the game too soon and instead uses a number of flashbacks to explain how Sebastian came to be in this situation.


A specter, a spirit who follows him on his horrific journey, is his daughter who is beside him. He is insane and his wife and child are both dead.


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As the story of Sebastian’s quest develops, there are sporadic cuts and discrepancies. As it investigates how sadness may drive individuals insane, it is full of possibilities. And everyone he meets in the present has significant scars. Without a doubt, Bird Box benefits from the reality of this world, where everyone has seen horrific violence and loss.


All of this might have been made more mesmerizing than exploitative with a little true imagination. Unfortunately, beyond its initial thoughts, Bird Box Barcelona has no other ideas. From a theatrical perspective, it mostly treats Sebastian’s (or anybody else’s) suffering as a plot convenience, relishing in sensationalizing it instead of delving into the depths of their grief. Internally, Sebastian’s risky venture lacks originality and surprise, and the gradual stream of information about his background is both depressing and foreboding.


The writers-directors Lex and David Pastor propose a nasty idea but lack the courage to carry it out. They take filth very seriously, but they struggle to understand the protagonist’s twisted mind since they still want to make a simple movie. Maybe they think it would be improper. Why then did this poor movie be made in the first place?




Bird Box Barcelona starts off promisingly, simply because the current climate of such horrifying and disheartening cookie-cutter styles of cinema makes a genuinely centered horror film seem so unexpected. Unfortunately, Bird Box Barcelona has no other thoughts beyond its initial ideas. From a theatrical standpoint, it doesn’t depict Sebastian’s (or anyone else’s) pain as deeply as it exploits it, treating it more like a narrative device. Internally, Sebastian’s perilous journey lacks inventiveness or intrigue, and the slow-paced revelations about his past are both disheartening and anticipated.

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The writer-director duo, Àlex, and David Pastor bring forth a wicked concept but lack the courage to embrace it fully. They take the grime very seriously; they still want to make a straightforward film but can’t quite venture into their protagonist’s distorted psyche. Perhaps they feel it would be improper. So, why make this mediocre film at all?


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What is Bird Box Barcelona about?


A: Bird Box Barcelona is a sequel that follows Sebastian and his daughter as they navigate a post-apocalyptic city where people must remain blindfolded to survive.

Q: Is Bird Box Barcelona a horror film?


A: Yes, Bird Box Barcelona falls into the horror genre, exploring the concept of unseen malevolence in a visually explosive setting.

Q: Does Bird Box Barcelona live up to its predecessor?


A: While Bird Box Barcelona has an intriguing premise, it fails to deliver the same level of impact as its predecessor, lacking depth and surprises.

Q: Are there any noteworthy performances in Bird Box Barcelona?


A: Mario Casas delivers a solid performance as Sebastian, showcasing the character’s struggle with grief and madness.

Q: Should I watch Bird Box Barcelona?


A: If you enjoyed the first Bird Box film and are interested in exploring the sequel’s world, you might find Bird Box Barcelona worth watching despite its shortcomings.


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